Woobies are cute little creators that are trap and need help before it reach the bottom and be squash. This is a match and shooter game. At least match 3 same colors of woobies so that they can escape and fly away. Match more than 3 woobies with the same color the higher the score will be. When 100,000 points is reach additional life will be given. Remember every match that is made the woobies will fall down and if it keeps on falling and reach the bottom you will lose. To proceed to the next level you need to clear all woobies. As you go to the next level additional colors will be added to make the game more difficult and challenging. There are black woobie bombs that you will encounter that will explode when you hit it. You will also get a woobie bomb after every 5 combination or 15,000 points. There are 31 levels that you need to finish. A skill in aiming is needed in this game. Have fun helping the woobies.

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