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Bubble Shooter Deluxe

Bubble shooter a fun game where in your objective is to explode as many bubbles as you can and points as possible. To be able to do this you have to combine together at least three or more of the same color of bubbles and if you have the bubbles will explode.

To start the game all you need is to move the mouse and point it where you want the next bubble to be place. Your guide for the direction of the bubble that you will shoot is the arrow. The more bubbles of the same color you can put together that will blow up with just one shoot the more points on it you can gain. Those bubbles that are separated due to the bubbles that exploded will also burst out. After the 6 set of bubbles you shoot a new row of bubbles will add. You can also use the left and right side border to make the bubble bounce for strategy. The game will only end once the ball reaches the bottom of the board.

The game look simple but you need to analyze and strategy to gain higher points. Play with your friends and who get the highest score wins.

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